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Himiway Cruiser/Zebra/Big Dog Winter Studded Tires

Himiway Cruiser/Zebra/Big Dog Winter Studded Tires

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Himiway Zebra Step Thru
Himiway Big Dog
Himiway Cruiser
Himiway Cruiser Step Thru
Himiway Zebra


Quantity: 1
Weight: 1.14KG
Dimensions: 26"×4.0" 120TPI Aramid Foldable


The flower blocks are supported at a large angle along the driving direction to ensure strength and effectively reduce rolling resistance when driving at low air pressure, allowing you to ride easily and comfortably;
The parallelogram blocks are arranged in a V shape, which not only increases the grip of the tire on the sand, snow, and rough terrain, but also enhances the directionality, which can effectively reduce the noise caused by fast driving on wide roads
Grooves enhance grip, provide excellent cornering grip performance, improve cornering stability, and adapt to all terrains.

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