Customer Satisfaction and our Search for cool ebikes

We started selling ebikes out of our house in Waterloo, Ontario in April, 2023. Some of our customers had the time to send us their pictures and videos, and we also took some too. The whole reason we got into this, is because we enjoy riding and the outdoors. We have one Golden rule at Zeus Ebikes Inc, and that is "Treat Customers like family" 

Now what does it mean?

1) It means that we don't engage in price gouging practices which has become common practice now a days. 

2) Family comes before all. 

3) No one gets to tell our family what they can, or can not buy. Freedom of choice is a principle we will fight for. A 500W Ebike might not be sufficient for a person who is 450lb, and this rule makes no sense. Hence we do restrict the speed of the ebikes we sell, but not the power output. Also if our customers ask us to unlock their ebikes for off road use, we will do so free of charge. We believe that Canadians can be trusted with following their local bylaws and rules when riding our ebikes.  Stay Free! 

4) You always give good advice to family. 


5) Family is not always right, but you still have to be there for them. So even when you are wrong, we will continue to support you. 


Stay tuned Canada, we are just getting started ;)